Chica-Chic radioshow #40

05 June 2012 Show

Guest: Venturi

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Playlist / Reviews / Creations

Metro Zu Feat Tweez – Murk Dat Pussy

– Rad? (Venturi ou la vie sauvage / Autoprod)

– Look at these hoes

*ESSMAA Split Face A*
Review and mix by Laurent Guérel
Review : Pierre Alexandre Tremblay – Quelques Reflets (Empreintes Digitales)
Mix :
Pierre Alexandre Tremblay – Reflets de notre société crépusculaire (Quelques reflets)
Rainier Lericolais – Etude pour cinéréflectographie 8 (Sound is not perfect #2)
Helm – Above All and Beyond (Impossible Symmetry)
heu{s-k}ach & Pedro Sousa – Silent wind papers (I know not what tomorrow will bring)

Minour Loud – Morph (It’s A Fine Line Remix) (Morph EP / Days Of Being Wild, Mai 2012)

– Select frequency (Sub Swara Remix)

Joy As A Toy
– Love Zombie (Dead As A Dodo / Cheap Satanism, Mai 2012)

Azalia Banks
– Jumanji

*ESSMAA Split Face B*
Review and mix by Laurent Guérel
Review : Atom ™ – Winterreise (Raster Noton)
Mix : Atom ™ – Gauß’sche Landaufnahme-Teil I (R-N140 Winterreise)
Atom ™ – Streuung-Teil III (R-N140 Winterreise)
Last Step – Obispo (Sleep)
Head Boggle – Basso Profundo #9 (Headboggle)
ROM – Somnus (Foot Signal)
Russell Haswell – Brainfloss (Acid nO!se Synthesis)
Elainie Lillios – Backroads – Shoe Factory (Entre Espaces)

Para One – Sigmund (Passion / Marble, Juin 2012)

*Interview Venturi part.1*

Venturi – Summertime ! Yeah ! (Venturi ou la vie sauvage / Autoprod)

*Interview Venturi part.2*

*Deux petites choses* : Hörspiel by GoGooo (Live)

Venturi – Savannah (Venturi ou la vie sauvage / Autoprod)

Chica-Chic radioshow : 1st Tuesday of the month from 6:00 to 7:30pm, live on Campus Grenoble 90.8, rebroadcasted the 3rd Tuesday, same time.

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